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Employing concept

Employing concept


Employing concept

1. Guiding ideology

Aiming at the phenomenon of weak adaptability, innovation and improvement abilities of employees, combined with the company’s overall development strategy of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, vigorously promote the quality improvement project of employees, highlight the training of high-skilled, high-tech talents and professional technical force reserve training, and establish for the company Excellent enterprises with sustainable competitiveness provide suitable human resources.

2. Compilation principles

(1) Combine strategic training with applicability training and improvement training.

(2) For all employees, highlight key points.

(3) Centralized management, overall arrangements, and clear responsibilities.

(4) Revitalize resources and focus on practical results.

3, the main task of training

(1) Combining the company's new technology, new equipment, and new processes, taking career development as the driving force, skill appraisal as the means, skill training, technical competitions and mentorship as the carrier, vigorously promote the cultivation of high-skilled talents.

1. Organize training courses for synthesis, extraction, fermentation and other related majors, train a group of qualified employees, and improve their theoretical level.

2. High standards and strict requirements, and earnestly grasp the performance of employees in all departments of the company.

3. Vigorously implement the training project of skilled talents.

Proceeding from the actual situation, each unit allocates an employee with rich theories and strong writing skills as assistants to excellent skilled talents with rich experience and mastery, forming a highly skilled talent team consisting of 1 excellent skilled talent and 1 highly educated assistant, mentor Instruct assistants to teach practical experience, and assistants help instructors to improve theoretical knowledge, sort out operating experience, know-how, experience, etc., and cultivate a group of knowledge-based and compound-type high-skilled talents.

4. Select and send 20 key operators in the company's synthesis, extraction, fermentation, and bacterial culture, etc., to follow-up training in related similar companies to learn and understand advanced operating techniques and methods.

(2) Make full use of internal and external resources to vigorously carry out continuing education and technical upgrading training for professional and technical personnel.

(3) To meet the needs of the company's development and management improvement, strengthen the training of various management personnel required by the company.

(4) Continue to carry out training on adaptability and improvement of various related knowledge and skills at different levels.

1. According to the requirements of various management system certifications, adopt the method of collective training and run classes, and continue to carry out the centralized training of more than 200 internal auditors, related management personnel, key position personnel, and special operation personnel for evidence collection and recertification of more than 200 people; self-hosted Class, group learning, and online learning are combined to organize full-staff training on laws, regulations, and document systems to cultivate employees’ awareness of quality, safety and environmental protection.

2. In order to standardize equipment management and reduce equipment accidents, external experts are invited to organize a standardized spot inspection and regular repair training course for senior and middle management personnel, equipment section chiefs, and professional spot inspectors; TPM equipment management knowledge and simple equipment maintenance, equipment management procedures, emergency plans, job responsibilities, etc. are the main content of equipment operation and maintenance personnel training.

3. Cooperate with the company's continuous improvement work, continue to do a good job of personnel training and system user training at all levels.

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